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Thank you for always wanting to be part of the Fast Track Football Club family. We as a second division football family are guided by the principle of – Providing quality players and personnel. This philosophy accompanied by our core values provides Fast Track Football Club the guidance to contribute to the up bring of talents in the society we serve in.

Since the club’s inception in 2022, we have come to appreciate the immense contribution our value system, which is based on leadership and excellence, has made to the growth and advancement of our operations. In the competitive global football environment, Fast Track Football Club believes that its destiny lies in fairness to all partners/ stakeholders, honesty in all undertakings and perseverance in all things.

As Fast Track FC is a member of Ghana Football Association and Ashanti Regional Division 2 League that has involved in the lives of individuals, every member of Fast Track Football Club is aware of the highest ethical standards and a sense of mission expected of them in all duties.

We shall continue in our efforts to contribute our quota to the growth of the football industry in Africa especially Ghana and fulfill our social responsibilities as a good corporate citizen in the communities we operate. Continue to stay with Fast Track Football Club !

Mohammed Abu (President of Fast Track Football Club)


To become a leading provider of sports training and development, recognized for our commitment to excellence in coaching and player development, and for creating a culture of sportsmanship, teamwork, and personal growth.


To provide high-quality sports training to individuals of all ages and skill levels, promoting physical and mental wellness through a supportive and inclusive environment.

Core Values

Socially Responsible
Result Oriented

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